BASIX Swimming Pools

BASIX Swimming Pools

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BASIX Certificate for Swimming Pools & Outdoor Spas

As of 1st October 2006, all new Development Applications in New South Wales for a swimming pool with a capacity of 40,000 litres or more will require a BASIX Certificate and this also applies to outdoor spas.

At the BASIX Certificate Centre, we can provide you with a BASIX Certificate for your swimming pool or spa for as little as $70.00 (including GST).

NB: As of the 1st October 2023 the NSW Department of Planning will charge fees for generating a BASIX Certificate, and this will be added to our price, being $33.00 (including GST)

The swimming pool or spa capacity, or amount of water, in kilolitres, is that which the pool can hold when filled to the level specified by the manufacturer.

It was found that the average domestic swimming pool size in NSW is approximately 45,000 litres (or 45 kilolitres), and due to evaporation, splash and backwash factors, will require approximately half that amount every year to keep it full or approximately the swimming pools volume of water every two years to keep it at the manufacturer’s recommended level. This represents an additional 10% water consumption over and above the average NSW household level.

Swimming pools and outdoor spas also use energy for pool pumps and when installed, certain types of heating systems.  On average, a swimming pool pump will use over 1,500 kWh per year, representing an additional 17% energy consumption compared to the average NSW household.  A heated swimming pool uses even more energy and has greater evaporation and greater use of water. (Source


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