BASIX Certificates

BASIX Certificates

BASIX Certificate Centre

At the BASIX Certificate Centre, we can provide you with a BASIX Certificate ready for council submission.

The cost of a BASIX Certificate from our office will range from:

Swimming Pools & Spas …………..   $   70.00

Alterations & Additions from ……..   $  135.00

New Homes from   …………………   $ 440.00

Dual Occupancy, Multi-Units etc. … P.O.A.


(The above fees exclude the Government costs as outlined below.)



NB: As of the 1st July 2011, the NSW Department of Planning in charge of BASIX will impose a cost for generating a BASIX Certificate, which in general will be $50.00 new homes plus a reduced fee per dwelling for Multi-Units, plus from 1st October 2023 an additional Portal Fee charge of $5.00 per certificate, making our change with GST being a total of $60.00.

Plus, from 30th September 2011, the cost of $25.00 will apply to Alterations & Additions, plus Swimming Pools & Spas, plus the Portal Fee, making a total cost of $33.00 with GST.

For more information go to the Government website for BASIX.

Whether it’s for a new home, alteration & addition, duplex, dual occupancy, granny flats, multi-units, or a swimming pool or spa.

The Certificate will be prepared by one of our experienced Assessors, taking into account all the necessary information to formulate this document and listing the BASIX requirements.


For an approved provider of BASIX Certificates, contact the team now by calling 02 9029 2052 or sending us an email at